"Math is Everywhere: Organizer Omo Moses Activates Communities With Playful Learning"

Jaws dropped as the crowd watched a 2-year-old describe the Boston rail system in great detail, building cube towers to represent the train network, and spelling out long train station names as he read them on a map.


"Introducing MathTalk: Finding Unique Ways to Connect Homes, Schools, and Communities"

At MathTalk, we know that math is everywhere and can be used by anyone to better understand the world; we also know that playful learning reduces math anxiety and creates positive math experiences for kids and parents alike.


"MathTalk Leaders Illustrate How Efforts Can Transform Neighborhoods"

Early Mathematics Learning in Family and Community Contexts was the topic of the Promising Math biennial conference. Framing the event were three plenary presentations that brought cognitive, contextual, and collaborative lenses.


"2020: The Year Of the Edtech Paradox"

In many ways, 2020 has been THE year of edtech. Technology experienced a meaningful surge in adoption by schools, districts and parents. The industry saw large capital inflows and more edtech “unicorns” than in any other prior year. Mergers and acquisitions are booming.


"Voqal 2020 Annual Report Spotlight: Look to the Future"

Voqal believes the opportunity gap — the educational disparity and inequity that exists across racial and class lines — is the most pervasive problem in the U.S educational system. In this week’s 2020 annual report spotlight, we highlight the work of MathTalks and its founder Omo Moses to address this very issue.

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