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Ready for a math adventure? Go beyond the screen to discover 3D animals and objects coming to life everywhere! Measure with dinosaurs! Estimate with elephants! Explore all the math all around you and have some fun! Download the Measure! Everything! App today.

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Family Math Resources

Sometimes We Do

Reviewed by Maraea LG, age 9:

This book is about counting with pancakes and a special ingredient. I read this book by myself and with my mom. The different colors that the illustrator used when each person talked were really unique. I liked the whole family especially the mother and daughter with their bunny slippers. I learned that pancakes are made from love and I thought about counting when I read this book. This book was funny to me but not to the characters!!! I like it how it is. This book would be good for 4, 5, 6 year olds. 4 stars.


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