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MathTalk creates unique opportunities for young children and their families, particularly those in economically distressed communities, to discover and enjoy math anywhere.

what is mathtalk

What is MathTalk?

What is MathTalk?
what is mathtalk

The concept of “math talk” is pretty simple:

Research shows that when parents and young children take time to explore, enjoy, and talk about math together, it sets the stage for positive early math experiences and helps young children view themselves as capable math learners.

But in reality, talking about math isn’t something that comes easily to everyone. In fact, 93% of adults in the U.S. report having at least some level of anxiety about math. So while every parent might want to ensure that their child’s earliest math learning experiences are positive, understandably, many simply don’t know where to begin.

math is everywhere


math for families

Learn how to incorporate playful math learning experiences into everyday routines.



math for educators

Help young children discover and explore math in the world around them.


Community Partners

math for the community

Transform spaces in your community to support a culture of early math learning.

Community-Based Installations

math is everywhere

Digital Experiences

Our products are designed so kids can explore and discover math everywhere! We bring augmented reality (AR) experiences to indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing math to life in the house, in the classroom, and in the community. Our approach gamifies important early math concepts, and extends learning beyond the screen to promote joyful math experiences and conversations.

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Make math fun
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